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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Ken Reid fans will certainly know that Creepy Creations was a series of single-panel illustrations that he drew for SHIVER AND SHAKE comic. Some were excellent, some less so, but for some reason the Editor rejected the one shown in the picture below. I don’t quite see a reason for rejecting it, but perhaps I am missing something?... 


  1. That's a puzzler, eh? Maybe it was uncertainty over what to call her, but surely they wouldn't get Ken to draw something unless they had the intention of publishing it. Or maybe, after some reflection, they just decided it wasn't creepy enough. Nice to see 'though.

  2. Her nose does look like Trashman's cock?

  3. I don't get the joke!

  4. what a brilliant cartoon (where do you find these?) one of his best imho - no idea why it wasn't used other than its not a great joke - wonderful stuff though

    1. I photographed them from original artwork that has survived in Ken's family archive. There's loads or fantastic unpublished stuff there!..