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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


On a couple of occasions Innkeeper was seen making entries in the register of Scream Inn guests. I compiled a full version for him and here are the first 40 visitors:

Issue No. 1 March 10th, 1973 Boxing champ and boss
Issue No. 2 March 17th, 1973 Man and wife (Cyril and Ethel)
Issue No. 3 March 24th, 1973 Royal guard sergeant
Issue No. 4 March 31st, 1973 Doomrot Ltd. - Woodworm and Dry Rot Control
Issue No. 5 April 7th, 1973 Invisible man disguised as mummy
Issue No. 6 April 14th, 1973 Horror Films Incorporated: horror movie actor - the Great Ivan Oscar
Issue No. 7 April 21st, 1973 Mr. Squeezy Kneezy - hairdresser and beautician
Issue No. 8 April 28th, 1973 Girl scouts (young girl guides and teacher) 
Issue No. 9 May 5th, 1973 Short-sighted lad
Issue No. 10 May 12th, 1973 Space alien
Issue No. 11 May 19th, 1973 Photographer
Issue No. 12 May 26th, 1973 Doctor Dimwitt and nurse Suzanne Bennet
Issue No. 13 June 2nd, 1973 Decorators (Bert Slappit house painter)
Issue No. 14 June 9th, 1973 Policeman (Constable Clodhopper)
Issue No. 15 June 16th, 1973 Shiver Editor

Issue No. 16 June 23rd, 1973 Pied Piper of Hamelin
Issue No. 17 June 30th, 1973 Estate agent Mr. Grovell
Issue No. 18 July 7th, 1973 Writer of Scream Inn
Issue No. 19 July 14th, 1973 Soldier in his solid steel hut with barbed wire and machine guns
Issue No. 20 July 21st, 1973 Doctor Jekyll
Issue No. 21 July 28th, 1973 Mob of American-type gangsters
Issue No. 22 August 4th, 1973 Witch doctor
Issue No. 23 August 11st, 1973 Elephant

Issue No. 24 August 18th, 1973 Charlady - cleaner of the Chamber of Horrors at Madamme Tussaud's
Issue No. 25 August 25th, 1973 Scream Inn artist (Brian Walker's self-portrait)
Issue No. 26 September 1st, 1973 Count Dracula
Issue No. 27 September 8th, 1973 Dentist
Issue No. 28 September 15th, 1973 Harry Screamers - comical conjurer
Issue No. 29 September 22/1973 Builder
Issue No. 30 September 29th, 1973 Spanish bullfighter
Issue No. 31 October 6th, 1973 Miner
Issue No. 32 October 13rd, 1973 Innkeeper's sister Grimhilda
Issue No. 33 October 20th, 1973 English gentleman

Issue No. 34 October 27th, 1973 Milkman
Issue No. 35 November 3rd, 1973 Tarzan
Issue No. 36 November 10th, 1973 Knight - Sir Stinkalot of the Gasworks
Issue No. 37 November 17th, 1973 Wizards Anonymous from "Shake" pages. This was a tragic episode for Innkeeper and his gang because they were outsmarted by Brimstone and Treacle - a pair of wizards from Wizards Anonymous strip from Shake section, illustrated by none other than Brian Walker...

Fortunately,  Innkeeper restored the status quo ante in that very same issue of SHIVER AND SHAKE by making his own guest appearance in Wizards Anonymous and tampering with the time machine that the two potty wizards built in hope to get back to the days of dear old King Arthur's reign... 

Issue No. 38 November 24th, 1973 Brass band conductor
Issue No. 39 December 1st, 1973 Delivery man delivering a new colour TV
Issue No. 40 December 8th, 1973 Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson


  1. A very useful index..

    Innkeeper restored the status quo in that very same issue of SHIVER AND SHAKE by making his own guest appearance in Wizards Anonymous
    Hope you can show that another time..maybe when you review it..

    1. I plan to highlight that episode when I review Wizards Anonymous some time later.

  2. Reading the Shiver editor one it shows its the editors money at stake and they are just doing a job for him..so thats how the spooks make there money..

  3. It's strange that this post appears not to be showing in Google search. It's the second time that I see this happen - my post about the first year of Sh&Sh was also affected. Weird...

  4. Spooky!!
    Maybe the post is too long and needs to be broken into smaller posts..?

  5. I looks like I have now solved the Google search problem - it appears my scans were too large at 200 dpi. I reduced them all to 150 dpi and all appears to be in order.