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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


In keeping with the theme of the previous two posts about landmark issues, here is the cover of the alleged issue 500 of WHOOPEE! that in fact was No. 494.

IPC did poorly keeping the count of their issues: the actual No. 500 came out a few weeks later. Here is the unremarkable cover:

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  1. Maybe you can help me with this one, Irmy. Whizzer & Chips #1 came out on October 11th (dated 18th) 1969. I have what is purported to be the 4th Birthday issue, which came out on September 30th (dated October 6th) 1973. Is it?

  2. I am not sure how I can help you wit this one - a birthday is a birthday, it's not an issue number that can be miscounted. If they said it was a birthday issue, they must have meant it, although the cover date appears to suggest differently. My set of WH&Ch is far from complete but I have an excel spreadsheet with issue numbers, dates and the dates when the comic wasn't published. I found it online some years ago and from what I know it is an accurate account. I will email it to your address so that you can use it for future reference. I hope it will help you answer your question.

    1. Not so, I remember the 10th birthday prog of 2000ad being a few months after the ACTUAL 10th birthday - it was Prog 520 they celebrated as the 10th year in May 1987 instead of February like they should have.

      Obviously dividing 520 by 52 weeks mattered more to IPC. The alternative of course was to acknowledge the strikes when earthlets would inevitably write to Tharg wondering why Prog 511 is the 10th birthday issue when there are 52/53 progs a year!


      P.S. Just came across your blog from a comicsuk forum link, another one to add to my list, interested to read though the Cor!! posts. Cheers!!

    2. Welcome to my blog, meherenow :)

  3. Well, that's my point, Irmy. Surely the Birthday issue is the one that comes out closest to the date that #1 went on sale. Yet the purported W&C 4th Birthday issue came out nearly a fortnight earlier. I would've thought that that the issue that went on sale on the 6th came nearest to being the Birthday comic. That's why I wanted to know what you thought. However, I look forward to your list - ta much.

  4. I always love how they made the oo's into the 00's of 500...a nice touch..