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Monday, April 23, 2018


HAROLD HARE’S OWN PAPER was another nice nursery comic of the 60’s by Fleetway, and here is a random issue published at about this time nearly 60 years ago.

The cover is by Hugh McNeill, as was some of the artwork inside. I have credited the artists where I could recognise their styles. The comic was larger in size than companion PLAYHOUR and JACK AND JILL at the time, so I couldn’t scan complete pages, but the "clippings" below will give you a taste. If I were a British kid when these comics were around, I would have probably preferred PLAYHOUR but HHOP also had some nice art and stories to offer.

Here’s another strip by Hugh McNeill:

Moony was a weird creature from the Moon who could transform himself into any shape and form:

The centre pages had Here Comes Mr. Toad by Peter Woolcock:

The Adventures of Pinocchio was illustrated by Tom Kerr (I believe):

The back cover featured The Stories of Katie Country Mouse by Mendoza. His work here seems to be less inspired than that of Gulliver in PLAYHOUR which Mendoza had stopped drawing by then:


  1. Why on earth is the Mr Toad story "By arrangement with Walt Disney Productions"?! They didn't own the characters, just the film rights (and probably not even that : by this time, the book was probably out of copyright). It's not even as if the comic was using the likenesses of the Disney versions.

  2. I SO remember this. I was so rapt in Harold Hare as a child, my father bought me the first issue and subsequent issues of this magazine. I was just devastated when it merged into which other comic, I can no longer remember. But, my stress did not last long! There were other comics to soon discover. Treasure, Valiant, Ranger, the Oldhams range POW! Smash! and how my childhood glowed! Thanks for sharing this!