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Sunday, January 13, 2019

POWER PACK OF KEN REID reviewed in Australian magazine!

The image above shows the cover of the recent issue of INKSPOT magazine published by the Australian Cartoonists’ Association. It has a review of the POWER PACK OF KEN REID (see below, click to enlarge), written by Nat Karmichael who is Deputy President of the Association and Editor of INKSPOT. Nat was also an early supporter of my crowdfunding campaign last summer, so thank you, Nat!

If any of my readers in Australia or New Zealand are considering buying copies of the books but are put-off by high postage cost, I thought I might let you know I will be visiting the two countries in March, and I could take a couple of sets with me to post from there. I travel light but I won’t be able to bring a lot of copies over, so do not delay to contact me as this is a first come first served offer :)

Nat Karmichael

Click on the POWER PACK banner in the right-hand column and get your copy of the POWER PACK OF KEN REID - the deluxe two-volume set of Ken’s strips in WHAM!, SMASH! and POW! comics of the ‘60s.

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