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Monday, April 1, 2019


The next serialised Faceache story by Ken Reid appeared in two consecutive issues of BUSTER cover-dated 28 April and 5 May, 1979 and it went like this:

The Headmaster starts a Belmonte school young photographer’s club. For the first project he wants his students to go out on the moors and photograph some of the most unusual forms of bird life that abound there. Faceache comes up with an idea to scrunge into a Stripe-breasted Tail-less Gruk and snap himself with the camera on automatic ... 

...but forgets to remove his photographer’s club badge and Mr. Snipe quickly spots the trick. 

The teacher instructs Faceache to photograph a genuine woodland bird and sneaks after him to make sure the boy doesn’t scrunge.  Faceache discards his badge and is about to scrunge into another unusual creature when he runs into a real monster-bird…

As it turns out, it is only an actor in padded make-up engaged in the making of a film entitled “The Bird-Beast of Blackfell Moor”.

Faceache prepares to take his picture for the project but Mr. Snipe thinks he has caught Faceache in the act of scrunging and assaults the actor with his cane. Faceache tries to warn the teacher that he is thrashing a big musclebound actor with an uncontrollable temper but it’s already too late, and the actor never accepts an apology... 

Faceache photographs Mr. Snipe in full flight from the actor’s blow – an unusual bird indeed.

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