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Monday, November 11, 2019


The next hilarious 4-part FACEACHE story arc written and drawn by Ken Reid came immediately after the previous one, and can be found BUSTER cover dated 22 September - 13 October, 1979. 

Belmonte pupils are to re-enact the battle of Waterloo for the school pageant, and Mr. Snipe asks the Headmaster for his suggestions for creating sound of imitation cannon fire.  The Headmaster says he’ll think about it later, but in the meantime, he offers Faceache 50 p to blow up the new inflatable office furniture for him...

Faceache decides to take his revenge...

Sitting in his new inflatable arm-chair, Mr. Thrashbottom is thinking about battle sound effects for the boys’ Waterloo re-enactment. Faceache prangs the arm-chair and the burst sends the Headmaster crashing through the roof. He lands on the inflatable settee whose explosion sends him crashing though the roof, and then back inside again, and so forth… 

Hearing the terrible sounds, Mr. Snipe marvels the Headmaster’s ingenuity in simulating cannon fire as well as military voices

The chain-reaction of exploding furniture continues, and Mr. Thrashbottom believes himself to be back at the battle of Waterloo: 

Meanwhile, Luis de Fleury, the first Frenchman to fly from Paris to London pedalling a flying contraption, is flying over Puddleditch moor. The Headmaster accidentally smashes into De Fleury’s home-made aeroplane... 

...causing the two of them zoom down and crash through all floors of the school, and down into the cellar. Faceache heads for where terrible Waterloo screams can be heard.

The lad puts a stop to the violent British-French conflict by scaring Louis de Fleyry off with one of his scrunges:

...and phoning for an ambulance to rush Mr. Thrashbottom to hospital. 

The doctor prepares to give the Headmaster an injection to make sure he gets a good night’s sleep, but Mr. Thrashbottom’s nervous twitch sends the syringe flying in the air and pranging his inflatable mattress. The blast re-starts the chain reaction, as there are 30 beds in that ward – all with inflatable mattresses. The Headmaster thinks he commands the battle of Waterloo once again…


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