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Monday, October 11, 2021


The third and final part of my account of the ‘cases’ dealt with by The Spooktacular 7, formerly known as the crew of Scream Inn, covers WHOPPEE! issues  starting with the first one for May 1978 and ending with the issue for 22 July 1978 – the last weekly comic to feature The Spooktacular 7. The strip also appeared in a few Annuals that I will cover later on.

May 6, 1978   Suffering Sam has hypnotic effect on the evil Dr. String-glove at Shudderbone Castle.

May 13, 1978 ● S7 get a call to rescue a giant kitty from a giant tree at research station

May 20, 1978  ● S7 stop a sinister scientist's scarey scheme of turning people into his army monsters

May 27, 1978 ● S7 rescue the potholer from a weird underground jungle

June 3, 1978 ● S7 defeat the Sinister Clown Prince of Crime Guffaw McGuffety.

June 10, 1978 ● Evil Dr. Vibes casts a spell on S7 with his hypnotic Sinister Symphony and commands to rob a bank but Sam saves the day

June 17, 1978 ● Natural History Museum robbery. Boney summons fellow skeletons and rescues S7 from the trap of Murgutroyd Spongetrammel

June 24, 1978 Number one’s evil twin brother Murkweed and his Spooktacular Grislies try to eliminate S7 but are defeated by the Nanny and her Spooktacular Nannies.

July 1, 1978   S7 use life-size candlewax models of the S7 crew to deal with mechanical monster pussy cat at Buskerville Manor.

July 8, 1978   New recruit tries to join S7 but destroys the secret weapon stolen from M.I.99 Secret Goings-On Department which S7 were hired to recover.

July 15, 1978  S7 help Snow White by dressing up as the Seven Dwarfs and dealing with the Wicked Witch who tried to harm the true Seven Sweet Dwarfs

July 22, 1978  S7 are asked to find the little green eye of little yellow idol that has been stolen from the isle of Hanki Panki. The complete final episode is below. As can be seen from the caption at the bottom of page two, a week later The Spooktacular 7 was replaced by Sheerluck and Son, illustrated by Trevor MetCalfe.

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Saturday, August 28, 2021


Here’s Part Two of my account of the ‘cases’ dealt with by the Spooktacular 7 (formerly known as the crew of Scream Inn). This blogpost covers all WHOPPEE! issues for 1978 till the end of April - leaving the rest for Part Three.

7th January 1978   S7 provide music at the New Year party when the Canal Road Band gate-crash the party (singer does his impression of Johnny Rotten)

14th January 1978  Evil waxworks owner Professor Kreeps tries to turn S7 into exhibits of his chamber of horrors but Cyril the spider saves the day

21th January 1978  Number one stages a practice alarm and the practice session pays off because S7 accidentally bust a burglar:

28th January 1978  S7 are hired by the owner of a winter sports centre in Scotland to deal with a blackmailing winter sports guide writer (a three-pager – the only one in the weekly series!)...

4th February 1978  S7 are hired to return a boy who had run away 40 years  ago to join a circus...

11th February 1978  S7 deal with a mysterious invisible intruder who's been taking things from Grotty Grange

18th February 1978  S7 deal with a gang of Chinese Canaries smugglers:

25th February 1978 S7 deal with a cunning Medium named Madam Kazumpa

4th March 1978     Sergeant tricks S7 into signing into recruits but then the spooks scare him into tearing up their papers

11th March 1978   S7 deal with a gang of bag snatchers in Gassworks Alley:

18th March 1978  S7 are hired to protect a racehorse from being doped before the big race tomorrow

25th March 1978  Werewolf at Lady Svivering's manor house

1st April 1978       Eggs'pert diamond smugglers...

8th April 1978    S7 are summoned to the Palace cinema to redecorate it and experience transport problems getting there...

15th April 1978   Fortune teller tells to stop today's water speed-record attempt

22 April 1978      S7 are hired to watch the eggs laid by a very rare spotted-mug hawk from being stolen by crooked egg collectors...

29 April 1978    S7 are assigned to find a lost explorer Dr. Livingroom who went to Amazon find a lost tribe of the Tintacs...

Final Part will follow shortly…

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