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Monday, July 22, 2013


The main character of the strip was another ghostly headless cavalier with a ball and chain. I’ve lost count of them in the SHIVER AND SHAKE – I think it was the fourth of maybe fifth strip in the paper that he featured in.

This one had a grudge against Bloggs family because their ancestor Sebastian Blogg of Cockfosters was the headsman who chopped the ghost’s nut off umpteen hundred years ago. The ghost turned up at the Bloggs house and vowed to take his ‘most awful revenge’ on them. The family weren’t really scared of him but the silly old spook was a nuisance so they always tried to fool him and slip away from him. The ghost usually caught up with the Bloggs and found ways to annoy them. Sometimes he fell victim to his own plots to the joy of the Bloggs.

The Ghost’s Revenge ran in SHIVER AND SHAKE issues 58 – 79 (April 13th 1974 – October 5th, 1974) and missed Nos. 70 and 74. The strip was part of the 'spooky" SHIVER section of the paper. The majority of the episodes were by Arthur Martin (please, correct me if I am wrong); the episode in issue 72 was by Tomboy artist (Mike Atwell?) while the episodes in issues 75, 77, 78 and 79 were by David Jenner. The strip didn’t survive merger with WHOOPEE! Here is the last episode: