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Thursday, March 7, 2019


It has been a while since I last did a post about serialised FACEACHE stories by Ken Reid, so here’s my synopsis of the next one. It continued over three weeks and can be found in BUSTER AND MONSTER FUN issues cover-dated March 17, 24 and 31, 1979. Be warned - there’s quite a lot of scrunging going on in this one! :)

Simpkins Minor is trying to create a new form of life by mixing substances in the school lab. He squirts Faceache with some of his chemicals and Faceache pretends he has started to mutate into a new form of life:

Simpkins runs away from the nauseating beast. At the same time, the experiment appears to have produced a result, and a weird creature begins to emerge from the glass beaker… 

Terrified, Faceache rushes to inform the Headmaster that Simpkins’ chemical mixture has turned into something diabolical. He forgets to unscrunge and the Headmaster bashes him unconscious...

The Headmaster suddenly has an idea that he’d become famous if he can prove to the scientific world that a monstrosity like that could be produced by chemical reaction. The Headmaster goes to the lab to make a note of the formula and is attacked by the real monster…

Faceache regains his consciousness and rushes to the lab where he sees Mr. Thrashbottom being slowly swallowed by the monster. 

Faceache volunteers to save the Headmaster but asks for his permission to scrunge. Panic-stricken, Mr. Thrashbottom grants Faceache carte blanche to scrunge all he wants for as long as he wants any time...

The monster evaporates at the sight of Faceache’s next awful scrunge:

Faceache proceeds to have fun doing wild scrunges, while Mr. Thrashbottom wishes he’d been swallowed instead of granting his permission.

One can’t help noticing that the story echoes with the brilliant two-pager of Faceache by Ken Reid in BUSTER BOOK 1976. Here’s a taste:

Characters are © Rebellion Publishing Ltd

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Thursday, January 3, 2019


Faceache story arch No. 7 by Ken Reid was called Hot Air and appeared in Buster and Monster Fun issues cover dated 27 January and 3 February 1979. It went like this:

Mr. Snipe asks Faceache to nip to the store room and bring him some ink, a ruler and some blotting paper for his next class. On his way back, Faceache finds the door to the room holding the school’s hot-air central heating system. 

He crawls down the vents planning to flip ink pellets and splat the teacher. Mr. Snipe tells his class how anyone of a rotten evil disposition will be singled-out and mercilessly smitten from above (it was a Bible class). Faceache’s ink lands on the teacher’s face. 

Hiding in the vents, Faceache hopes he’ll never be suspected. Meanwhile, hot-air heating system cleaners call to offer their services to the Headmaster…

Cleaners seal the vents and start cleaning the system. Faceache is forced to scrunge to streamline himself against the blast but looses control of his scrunge muscles. 

He crashes out of the system right into Mr. Snipe’s classroom. The teacher realises it was Faceache who fired the ink pallet and gives the scrunged Faceache a thrashing with Faceache’s upper body sticking from the vent in one room and his rear end from another five classrooms away…

Characters are © Rebellion Publishing Ltd

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Friday, February 2, 2018


As promised, here is part two of the complete list of Terror TV programmes in BUSTER AND MONSTER FUN weeklies, all drawn by Barrie Appleby. Go to the previous post if you missed part one.

August 20, 1977 · The Six Million Horror Man with it’s hero – Steve Ghostin, the Bichronic Man. Magnus Murkysome thanks reader for programme idea

August 27, 1977 · Sportsfright hosted by Harry Carpenterror. Magnus Murkysome thanks reader for programme idea
September 3, 1977 · Magnus Murkysome tries to cancel a play by his ghosts and show some holiday sport instead but the ghosts disrupt his plan
September 10, 1977 · Celebrity Scares with Bob Punkhouse
September 17, 1977 · Demon Andrews introducing another dread-ition of This Is Your Fright, featuring Vincent Plight, horror film star supreme

September 24, 1977 · Terror TV’s Groanstand – featuring racing from Scatterick. Magnus Murkysome thanks reader for programme idea

October 1, 1977 · Terror TV reporter Bill Glumly interviewing gardening expert Percy Glower
October 8, 1977 · NO TERROR TV
October 15, 1977 · TERROR TV featured on front cover. Willie Freezer presenting Cookery Time

October 22, 1977 · Beastly Growler presents the special dreadition of Runaground contest
October 29, 1977 · Behind the screams look at Terror TV
November 5, 1977 · Captain Vulture and all the staff at Disgrace Brothers ask Are You Being Scared?
November 12, 1977 · Mangey Jam introducing Terror TV’s special version of “It Ain’t Half Horrid, Mum”
November 19, 1977 · Dank Stuff of Nationweird reporting on a new grimnasium opened in London’s Beast End
November 26, 1977 · Doctor Boo

December 3, 1977 · Moaning For A Song introduced by Arthur Feargus
December 10, 1977 · Chief  Inspectre Feargen and Sergeant Tartar of The Meanie investigating some local disappearances
December 17, 1977 · Feargen and Tartar, super cops from The Meanie – adventure continues. 

These two episodes stand out in the sense that the story spans two weeks; besides, there appears to be a crossover of at least two shows,  Coronation Street being one of them. Here are both episodes:

December 24, 1977 · A Fiend in Need is a Fiend Indeed
December 31, 1977 · Scarey-on Christmas

January 7, 1978 · The Fright Heather Club
January 14, 1978 · TERROR TV featured on front cover. Judith Alarmers takes viewers for a look round Horrids January Sale
January 21, 1978 · Knowall Dreadmunds introducing TTV’s version of Swap Shop
January 28, 1978 · A typical day at Fiender Fashions – otherwise known as The Nag Trade
February 4, 1978 · Record Quakers with Roy Ghastly
February 11, 1978 · Terror TV look at winter sports from St. Horridst
February 18, 1978 · Special Valentine’s Day programme. Lynsey Appalled reads out Valentines sent to her by viewers. LAST EPISODE. As was often the case, the strip simply disappeared without being given a proper ending of any kind.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


A recent e-mail from a fan and researcher of Doctor Who requesting details about episodes of Terror TV strip featuring the Time Lord made me realise that I’ve left some loose ends when covering the strips that originated in MONSTER FUN COMIC and were transferred to BUSTER when the two titles merged in 1976. There were eight of them - Martha’s Monster Make-Up, Teddy Scare, Draculass, Terror TV, Kid Kong, Gums, Mummy’s Boy and X-Ray Specs. I covered their runs in MONSTER FUN COMIC in my detailed account of MFC a few years ago. I have no wish to go too deep into BUSTER territory but the relatively short runs of Martha’s Monster Make-Up, Teddy Scare, Draculass and Terror TV in BUSTER AND MONSTER FUN make me want to cover the four strips to their very end. 

I am not sure there’ll be much to say about all of them but Terror TV was a really interesting one. You can refresh your memories of the strip by revisiting my old article HERE

In MONSTER FUN COMIC, Terror TV was a two-pager, it ran for 24 weeks in issues 50 – 73. The illustrator was initially Ian Knox. Barrie Appleby took over from issue 67 and drew the strip till the end of the series in MFC. 

Barrie Appleby remained in charge of the feature after it transferred to BUSTER and became a one-pager. The first combined issue of Buster AND MONSTER FUN was cover-dated 6th November, 1976. Terror TV ended 68 weeks later in the issue with the cover date of 18th February 1978. It missed one week (October 8, 1977), so the total episode count in BUSTER came up to sixty-seven, all illustrated by Barrie Appleby. The strip made five front-cover appearances in colour.

The vast majority of the episodes lampooned real TV shows and required Barrie Appleby to draw lots of caricatures of real TV personalities. My knowledge of British television of the seventies is patchy and only a few of the names make sense to me (Fawlty Terrors = Fawlty Towers, Doctor Boo = Doctor Who, Looterror Colomboo = Columbo, John Claws = John Cleese, Jimmy Madville = Jimmy Savile, etc.). Below is part one of the complete list of the episodes with a few scans of the pages that I find to be interesting or nice. Part two will follow soon. Have fun identifying the names of the shows and TV stars and reporting your findings in the comments section :)

November 6, 1976 · New viewer for Terror TV visits Terror TV studios and gets a taste of some of their programmes – Miss Weird Contest, Weather Fearcast and Opportunity Knees-Knocks
November 13, 1976 · Saturday sports programme - Grimstand
November 20, 1976 · Nationweird hosted by Michael Baarghatt
November 27, 1976 · Comic couple – Eric and Ernie – Morescream and Wince
December 4, 1976 · TERROR TV featured on front cover. The Generaving Game, hosted by Bruce Forfright

December 11, 1976 · Terror TV’s Open Ghoulf Championship, presenter – Harry Carpenterror
December 18, 1976 · Christmas film shooting (Christmas on Creaky Island)
December 25, 1976 · Christmas Fright with Stars  - chat with your favourite disc jockeys Tony Bleakburn, Jimmy Madville, O.B.E. and Ed ‘Screwtop’ Stewart
January 1, 1977 · Terror TV’s Annual Pantomime – Jack and the Scream-Stalk
January 8, 1977 · Animal Panic, presenter – Johnny Morbid
January 15, 1977 · John Raving’s Newsround
January 22, 1977 · Fawlty Terrors

January 29, 1977 · Scaretrek - the Scareship Enterrorprise
February 5, 1977 · Tomorrow’s Weird presented by Raymond Backscare
February 12, 1977 · Filming the commercial for “Daze”
February 19, 1977 · Looterror Colomboo, your favourite TV cop

February 26, 1977 · Ghoulling for a Song hosted by Max Robertscream
March 5, 1977 · The Superscares – the programme where we find which star of sport stands up bests to being terrified
March 12, 1977 · Another tale of those wartime weirdos in Dad’s Scare Me
March 19, 1977 · Pot Bleak - TV spooker game hosted by Alan Freaks
March 26, 1977 · New Faceaches – the popular TV talent show hosted by Derek Horribleson
April 2, 1977 · TERROR TV featured on front cover. Interview between John Claws and Ronnie Corbite
April 9, 1977 · Scare of the Century – introduced by Nicholas Panics-on
April 16, 1977 · Angela Rave-on welcomes you to this year’s Eurofearsome Song Contest
April 23, 1977 · Multi-Horrored Shock Shop with Noel Demons

April 30, 1977 · Jim’ll Freak It! with Jimmy Savage
May 7, 1977 · Terror TV’s Special Weather Forecast
May 14, 1977 · Table Terror Tournament
May 21, 1977 · TTV’s new cowboy serial – The Revenge of Pocahauntus
May 28, 1977 · Scream Test hosted by Michael Odd. Magnus Murkysome thanks reader for programme idea

June 4, 1977 · TTV’s Annual Presentation of TV Awards

June 11, 1977  · Terrorzan of the Jungle film
June 18, 1977 · Raving Damp featuring that meanest of mean landlords, Mr. Rigsfear
June 25, 1977 · The Sky at Night hosted by Patshriek Moore
July 2, 1977 · Groan-in – TTV’s version of a phone-in programme where viewers ask people in the studio questions 
July 9, 1977 · TERROR TV featured on front cover. Wrestling match – Big Baddie vs Terror TV’s Box of Tricks
July 16, 1977 · Bat’s Life hosted by Esther Rantscream. Magnus Murkysome thanks reader for programme idea

July 23, 1977  · It’s a Shock-out hosted by Stuart Horror
July 30, 1977 · Scaresky and Hunch – the creepy crime-busters. Magnus Murkysome thanks reader for programme idea
August 6, 1977 · Top of the Shocks introduced by Dave Lee Terror 

August 13, 1977 · Horridge, your favourite prison series with its number one convict, Norman Stanley Freaker