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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Gus Gorilla was COR!! mascot and cover star. He had his own strip named after him that occupied the front page and was in full colour for nearly three years until it was moved to the inside of the paper and turned monochrome. Gus’ weekly antics were followed by a bloke who always showed up out of nowhere in the last panel only to say that you can't make a monkey out of Gus. In the beginning of his career Gus wasn’t a character of many words. In quite a few early episodes he didn’t utter a single word. In fact, there were several covers with hardly any speech balloons at all. Unlike the majority of characters in children’s humour comics Gus rarely interacted with kids. His adventures usually involved grown-ups; a pair of chaps appeared more or less regularly, one was short and on the fat side while the other was tall and lean. They always tried and failed to have fun at Gus’ expense

Gus’ regular artist was Alf Saporito. Some episodes were illustrated by other artists such as Mike Lacey and Sid Burgon.

 Gus Gorilla on front page in colour:  13th June, 1970 – 14th April, 1973 (Nos. 2 – 150, except for the issue dated 6th January, 1973 (No. 136) when the strip was on the back cover because the front page was awarded to The Goodies to celebrate their first week in COR!!).

 Gus Gorilla in b/w inside the paper, usually on the same page with Picture Yourself feature: 21st April, 1973 – 15th June, 1974 (Nos. 151 – 211), full page in issues dated 30th April, 1974 (No. 203), 11th May, 1974 – 15th June, 1974 (Nos. 206-211). 

Gus starred in two other COR!! features: Gus Giggles and Gus Gags. Both ran on the front page concurrently with the Gus Gorilla strip when it was moved to the inside of the comic. Gus Giggles was a three-panel gag cartoon in the same vein as Gus Gorilla only there Gus managed without the moustached bloke and his usual punch line. It ran from 21st April, 1973 until 23rd March, 1974 (Nos. 151 – 199) and was dropped in favour of Gus Gags that appeared during a short period from 30th March, 1974 until 8th June, 1974 (Nos. 200 – 210 (the penultimate issue)). The gags (two of them every week) were drawn from reader’s ideas and contributors received one pound for each cover joke published. Gus Gags feature survived COR!!’s merger with Buster where it continued for as long as the very last issue of 1979.


  1. Just to add to this wonderful Archive. I was the person who sent the Gus Gorilla Cartoon with Gus on the moon ''Can I help it if I loose my helmet '' . I still have the Cartoon to this day Feb 25 2014.

    1. Glad I could help bring back some of your childhood memories. I think COR!! was a great comic.

  2. I don't know if you've mentioned it elsewhere on your blog but as a bit of extra info, the cartoons from 'Picture Yourself' were drawn by Kevin O'Neill, back when he was an IPC office junior.

  3. Hi Irmantas. I'm Steve Marchant, I run the comic art gallery at the Cartoon Museum. We have the original artwork for the cover of Cor!! #1 on display.And here's the odd thing - in every panel of the Gus strip, he's been re-drawn and glued on, as though perhaps he wasn't originally a gorilla. I've asked around, including Dez Skinn, and nobody knows or remembers. So, a poser that I thought might interest you! Great blog, btw.