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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The other day I checked the stats of my blog and was surprised to find that the normal daily rate of 150 – 200 pageviews surged to more than 1,000 for a few days, all at the expense of an old little post on Helpful Hettie that I did in my COR!! series last year. Turns out the post got a brief mention in THIS thread on Gunnerkrigg Court forum. I am not familiar with Gunnerkrigg Court webcomic by Tom Siddell, nor have I ever heard about the project that members of the forum are pursuing, but it looks fun. Frankly, I’ve got no clue what the discussion in the thread is about – I suppose one has to be familiar with the comic to make sense of it.

The strong interest that members of Gunnerkrigg Court forum have shown in the blogpost rightfully described in the thread as “probably not related too much” got me thinking that contemporary British-made comics have quite a large following and aren’t doing as poorly as I thought (albeit the majority of traffic appears to be from the US). Gunnerkrigg Court certainly attracts much more attention than old UK comics, at least those published by IPC and covered on this blog so far…

With nearly 2,000 views, Helpful Hettie is now the most popular post on Kazoop!! and is likely to remain at the top forever because the second most popular post only has just over 500 views. Why the article about the last months of COR!! is the second most popular post here is a mystery to me – I think there are many other strips and posts that deserve more attention :)


  1. It's always hard to guess which posts will attract the most attention, and why. Just take 'em where you can find 'em is my motto. How was the holiday?

    1. Indeed. I checked the most popular posts on your blog and I think some of those at the top of the list aren't the best you've done. Out of curiosity - how many views does your number one have?
      The holiday is great - I am still away, enjoying sunshine on New Jersey shore and recovering from a week of heavy sightseeing in New York City with my family.

    2. My most popular post is 'Little-known 3rd Fantastic Four Cover' at 8,077 hits.

      Glad to hear you're still having fun. Don't forget my postcard and stick of rock.