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Friday, December 13, 2013


I will wrap-up the Artist Self-Portraits series  (for now) with a selection of pages of The DANDY’s Smasher from the brush of the ever-excellent Brian Walker. I don’t know of any other UK comics artist who made so many appearances as an active character in his own strip. The first example that I spotted is in the Dandy No. 2370 cover-dated 25th April, 1987:

My collection of the Dandy has a large gap from the end of July 1988 till the first issue of 1990 but then continues without a break until the middle of 1994 (as a result of my effort to collect full sets two brilliant strips by Tom Paterson - The Laughing Planet and Hyde and Shriek). 

Brian Walker made one appearance in Smasher in 1990 (issue No. 2528), together with the Dandy Editor Morris Heggie :

… followed by as many as three in 1991 (issue Nos. 2577, 2602, 2607):

… followed by two in 1992 (issue Nos. 2628, 2642):

… and just one in 1993 (issue No. 2672):

Although I have very few issues of the Dandy from the later years and Brian Walker doesn’t appear in them, I believe he didn’t stop drawing himself in, as confirmed by this episode of Smasher from The Dandy Summer Special 1996: 

1996 DANDY SUMMER SPECIAL also sports this bright back cover with caricatures of the Dandy editor Morris Heggie. Not a self-portrait but still a nice piece to include in this series. I've got no idea who drew it though.


  1. Steve Bright drew Morris. Morris's hair is no longer red, though!

    1. 15+ years can do things to the colour of one’s hair…

  2. That one where Smasher visits Brian's house is one of my all-time favourite strips!

    I'm fairly sure I've got one more Smasher with Brian appearing in it, I'll have a look around to see if I can scan it for you...

    1. I like that eposide as well. Also the one with Desperate Dan. It would be great if you could find another example :)

    2. Found it, but Brian doesn't feature - it's just Smasher visiting the Dandy editor and his secretary. It's still a fun story though.