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Monday, December 3, 2018


Faceache story arch No. 6 can be found in BUSTER issues cover-dated 25 November and 2 December, 1978, so it is almost exactly 40 years old today. Faceache doesn’t get to do much scrunging in this story, and it goes like this:

Late at night Faceache is practicing some leg-and-foot scrunges in the school grounds… 

Mr. Snipe discovers monstrous footprints in the morning and devises a plan of dispensing with the mysterious brute. He puts Faceache in charge of shooting the monster down when it falls into the old school well and shoots up on the coiled spring that Mr. Snipe has installed at the bottom. The Teach pompously shares his plan with the Headmaster:

Anxious that Mr. Snipe’s ambition might be to get him fired and steal his job, Albert Thrashbottom gets filled with hate and resentment...

On guard out in the school grounds, Faceache hears something inhuman approaching…

Headmaster is determined to nab the fiend first and steal Mr. Snipe’s glory. Faceache tries to warn the fool of the danger but Headmaster ignores the kid and walks straight into the trap. Upon seeing something zoom out of the well, Mr. Snipe commands Faceache’s to shoot it, with predictable consequences:

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