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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Faceache story arc No. 12 was a two-part story which appeared in BUSTER issues cover-dated August 4 and 11, 1979.
Faceache doesn’t know what a birds’ dawn chorus is, so Mr. Snipe tells him to stay up with him in the grounds all night to await the dawn so that he can hear it first-hand and write an essay on the whole beautiful experience. 

Anxious to get some sleep, Faceache decides he can scrunge the dawn chorus forward a few hours. 

He creeps away behind Mr. Snipe’s back and scrunges his neck to treetop level and then some trillers, cheepers, chirrupers, chirpers, warblers, tweeters, twitterers and a carefree cuckooeee just for luck… 

He starts with the first sweet cheep-cheep of his fake dawn chorus. Enchanted by the beauty of the bird-song, Mr. Snipe leaps in the direction of the sound and discovers Faceache’s twist. Mr. Snipe climbs up Feceache’s neck and tells him to unscrunge this instant for a “Guinness Book of Records” thrashing. 

Faceache obeys:

...and Mr. Snipe crashes down from the heights of Faceache’s neck. 

Faceache leaves the dazed Mr. Snipe with his own little built-in dawn chorus and goes back to school to catch-up on some sleep. At dawn the real dawn chorus starts and Faceache can’t sleep because of the noise.

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