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Friday, July 13, 2012


Well, What do you Know??? Every installment of the funny facts feature consisted of a number of panels, each made up of two parts – there was a serious fact on the left hand side and its humorous interpretation on the right. It started in COR!! with the cover date of 5th August, 1972 (No. 114) and appeared irregularly until 15th September, 1973 (No. 172). 

From COR!! issue dated 12th August, 1972 (No. 115)
From COR!! issue dated 28th October, 1972 (No. 126)

I may be wrong but irregular appearances, varying size (sometimes a half-pager and sometimes a full one-pager) as well as something about the general “feel” suggests it may have been a reprint from an older comic. As for the artist, I am tempted to say it was Reg Parlett but after the confusion with the authorship of the Shiver and Shake strip covered in my previous post I am not so sure :) Besides, the name of the feature is not mentioned in the account of Reg Parlett’s work in the Winter 1979 issue of the Golden Fun fanzine – another argument in favour that it was by a different artist, unless the feature had originally appeared under a different name. 

I've seen reprints of the feature in a KRAZY annual. 

From COR!! issue dated 30th December, 1972 (No. 135)


  1. Could you please diable the lightbox setting so we can view the artwork closer? You can do it by going into settings, posts and comments, then choose no for 'Open Images in Lightbox'. If you do that it will make your images come up much larger when you click them.

    I would say the artist is indeed Reg Parlett for this one, he was very good at the more detailed non fiction/adventure stuff, adn the monster on the third page definatly looks like him! (Not literally, of course!)

  2. Lightbow setting disabled. I can't see much difference in the size of scans though - they are showing as large as before to me ...

  3. You have to click on it twice to make it bigger..it has a magnifying glass symbol when you first click on image..click again makes it bigger..click again it makes it smaller..
    ..so glad you've changed the setting..lightbox only works for small images...

    It is Reg Parlett..and it is a reprint..

    Boy's world or something like that..

  4. As Peter says they are all reprints of a series called 'Did You Know?' that Reg Parlett drew for Odhams' Boys' World from 26th January 1963 to 3rd October 1964. Apparently the majority of them were scripted by well-known Fantasy author Michael Moorcock.

    - Phil Rushton