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Thursday, September 13, 2012


1980 COR!! Comic Annual was priced £1.25 and was 144 pages thick.

Here is a summary of the contents:  Val’s Vanishing Cream (2 episodes), Football Madd (5 episodes including 3 by Les Barton and 1 reprint from an old COR!! weekly), Teacher’s Pet (4 episodes), Night Mare (3 episodes by Les Barton), Fiends and Neighbours (2 episodes by Les Barton), Swopper Stan (2 episodes), Tomboy (2 episodes), Jasper the Grasper (2 episodes by John Geering), Hire A Horror (2 episodes), Helpful Hettie (2 episodes), Donovan’s Dad (3 episodes), Jelly Baby (3 episodes), Wilfred Wizard, Tricky Dicky (3 episodes), Croc, Chalky (2 episodes), “Young” MacDonald and his Farm, The Superwits, The Slimms, The Gasworks Gang (2 reprints from old COR!! weeklies), Animal Jokes, Tease Break, Gus Gorilla (5 episodes), Our Amazing Maze feature, Benny Bendo, Ivor Lott and Tony Broke (3 episodes, including 2 reprints), Injun Trouble jokes (by Jack Clayton), Joker, Jack Pott, Patch-Eye Hooker, Spotter, Fun of A Gun jokes (by Jack Clayton), Andy’s Ants.

There were three one-off strips in the Annual:

The Superwits was illustrated by Nigel Edwards and would have been appropriate in my series of Olympic posts this summer. Here are all three pages of the set:

Joker was a guest strip that originated in Knockout and appeared for many years in Whizzer and Chips:

Croc was probably also a reprint from another IPC comic but I am not sure which. Whizzer and Chips?

The Annual had two sets of Jasper the Grasper by John Geering. Here is one:

My personal highlights in the 1980 COR!! Comic Annual are two sets of Fiends and Neighbours by Les Barton. Here is one: 


  1. In all my years of reading various Fleetway comics and annuals (roughly seven less than the amount of years I've been alive), Croc has never appeared before. What a strange little comic character that is.

  2. Croc was a regular in Whizzer and Chips (in Chips, to be specific) from 29th July 1972 till around March 1973, a nice period for the comic. A half-human, half-crocodile schoolboy drawn by Mike Lacey: what's not to like?

  3. Guess what I bought the other day?

    Artist listing as far as I can:

    Cover: Mike Lacey
    Val's Vanishing Cream - pp 2-3, 120-121: Barry Glennard
    Football Madd - pp 4-5, 78-79, 130-131: Les Barton; pp 104-105: unknown but could be Murray Ball; p 113: Barrie Appleby
    Teacher's Pet - pp 6-7, 38-39, 114-115, 132-133: Norman Mansbridge
    Nightmare - pp 8-9, 124-125: Les Barton
    Fiends & Neighbours - pp 10-13, 116-119: Les Barton
    Swopper Stan - pp 14-15: Mike Lacey; pp 126-127: Barry Glennard
    Tomboy - pp 16-17, 70-71: Jim Watson; pp 88-89: not known (I should know though!)
    Jasper the Grasper - pp 18-21, 135-138: John Geering
    Hire a Horror - pp 22-23, 60-61: Bob Nixon
    Helpful Hetty - pp 24-25, 98-99: Barry Glennard
    Donovan's Dad - pp 26-27, 134-135: Terry Bave (reprint?); pp 52-53: Les Barton
    Jelly Baby - pp 28-29: Mike Lacey
    Wilfred Wizard - pp 30-33: same artist as Kooky Racers (whose name I can never remember!)
    Tricky Dicky - pp 34-35, 82-83, 122-123: not known (reprint?)
    Croc - pp 36-37: Mike Lacey (reprint)
    Chalky - pp 40-41: Arthur Martin (reprint); pp 108-109: Barry Glennard (after Dick Millington!)
    Young MacDonald and his farm - pp 42-48: not known - is it Ron Turner?
    The Supertwits - pp 49-51: Nigel Edwards
    The Slimms - pp 54-55: Tom Williams
    Gasworks Gang - pp 56-57, 94-95: Frank McDiarmid (reprint)
    Animal Jokes - pp 58-69: Artie Jackson, Jim Crocker and "Tugg"
    Tease Break (puzzles) - p 62: Mike Lacey with or without someone else
    Gus Gorilla - p 63: Sid Burgon; p 65, 81, 96, 129: not known;
    Amazing Maze (puzzle) - p 64: Steve Bell
    Benny Bendo - pp 66-69: Phil Millar
    Ivor Lott & Tony Broke - pp 72-77: Jim Crocker; pp 106-107: Bob Nixon; p 128: Sid Burgon
    Injun Trouble (cartoons) - p 80: Jack Clayton
    Joker - pp 84-85: Tom Williams
    Jack Pott - pp 86-87: Tom Williams
    Patch-eye Hooker - pp 90-93: again, I don't know, but guessing Ron Turner?
    Jelly Baby - p 97: Paul Ailey; pp 142-143: Barry Glennard
    Spotter - pp 100-103: Tom Williams
    Fun of a gun (cartoons) - p 112: Jack Clayton
    Andy's Ants - pp 140-141: Terry Bave

    1. Thanks for this, Andy! I can add that Wilfred Wizard is by Alan Rogers.

    2. My head's away. The last Football Madd was by Peter Davidson, his original artist.