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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Soggy the Sea Monster was a cute little strip about a friendly sea monster. Soggy travelled the seas of the World and was always there to help shipwrecked folks stranded on a desert island or threatened by a giant octopus. Generally a very agreeable character, he didn’t react kindly to those who disturbed his rest or were daft enough to think they could catch him.

Soggy the Sea Monster started in the first issue of SHIVER AND SHAKE and lasted until No. 43 (March 10th – December 29th, 1973). It then made a surprise one-off appearance in issue 50 (16th February, 1974). Soggy also missed issues No. 10, 29, 31. The regular artist was Robert Nixon. The episode in issue 28 was by an unknown illustrator while those in Nos. 30 and 50 were by Terry Bave.

Soggy the Sea Monster made a guest appearance in WHIZZER AND CHIPS dated 28th July, 1973. As was often (if not always) the case with the STAR GUEST feature, the episode was not a reprint but a brand new instalment, and a very scrumptious one. That’s understandable, because the purpose of the feature was to get readers interested in sister publications. Here is the WHIZZER AND CHIPS episode of Soggy:


  1. Robert sure did some lovely work for Fleetway...

  2. looking at these examples Robert draws some very good different types of sea..waves...ripples...etc..