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Friday, June 22, 2012


Here are three BUSTER football cover stories from very different eras: the first one from the early 60s is by Hugh McNeill, the second from the 70s by Angel Nadal and the third from the early 90s by Tom Paterson. Followed by a nice crowded set of Terrors of Tornado Street by Juan Rafart – another Spanish artist who freelanced for Fleetway.

From BUSTER dated 6th May, 1961


  1. Great to see these..loved the poster page of Terrors of Tornado Street also isn't Nadal great at drawing pretty women..well with a mostache!!

  2. Also love the loosing up exercise in Tom Paterson's Buster...very unexpected!! Love surprise gags!

  3. Nadal is one of my all-time favourite artists and I like just about everything what he drew, including beautiful women with a moustache :)
    I am glad you like my football posts and I really enjoy searching those strips out. I have a small bomb of a scan from the back page of an early Beezer lined up for tomorrow, so be sure to visit sometime in the afternoon...

  4. Replies
    1. Juan Rafat is credited as illustrator of Terrors in the Buster Index but you may very well be right.