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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Chip was another reprint strip in COR!! about a mischievous naughty little kid desperate to have some fun in his life. The feature was drawn by Graham Allen and originally appeared under the name of Kicks in POW! some five years prior. COR!! reprints started in the issue with the cover date of 15th April, 1972 (No. 98). A total of 22 episodes of the original series were reprinted with some long intervals, the last one appearing in the issue of 15th September, 1973 (No. 172)

From COR!! issue dated 14th July, 1973 (No. 163)

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  1. It’s slightly jarring, but always pleasant, to see Graham Allen’s Chip artwork with his contemporaneous Cor output; by the early ‘70s he seemed to have got over his bulbous-body and half-closed-eyes phase! Interestingly, there’s a recurrent theme running through his characters; angst, of whatever description, displayed by Chip, 5-Minute Wanda, Eddie and, to a point, Spoilsport. Roll on the gloriously ghoulish days of Fiends & Neighbours’ near the end of ’73!