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Friday, June 8, 2012


The third story ran from 13th February until 27th March, 1971 (issue Nos. 37 – 43). Robby and Muchflour accidentally find themselves on board a strange empty barge sailing along the canal. They discover that the whole boat is booby trapped. Three dangerous looking men stop the barge and leap on board. Robby and Muchflour hide in a secret compartment in the hull and find themselves in the company of Captain Horatio Spike, a retired Royal Navy officer. Captain Spike owns the barge and has booby-trapped it against the attackers. The background story is that three weeks ago he won a contract to haul coal for one of the local mines but a Ned Tarrant wanted the business so he and his men set to get captain Spike. The thugs fall victim to the different booby-traps but manage to scupper the boat just before jumping ashore. The barge goes underwater. Robby and Muchflour decide to go after the mob. They find Tarrant and his cronies preparing to cast off with their own horse-driven barge. Muchflour launches an unsuccessful attack on horseback and ends up on board the boat, unconscious. Robby follows the barge until it arrives at the coal depot and is about to start loading. He boards the boat and reunites with Muchflour. After a few action-packed episodes Tarrant and his mob throw Robby into the canal. The spectre saves him but since Muchflour is invisible to the thugs, they think that Robby walks on water. The invisible pal helps Robby persuade the thugs that he is a magician and the boy forces Tarrant to sign his barge over to Horatio Spike.

An eposide from the third story from COR!! issue dated 13th March, 1971 (No. 41)

The final story started in the issue of 3rd April and ended in the issue of 24th April, 1971 (issue Nos. 44 – 47).  Muchflour teaches Robby to fire arrows. A stray arrow startles a lady who was painting a picture behind the threes. They carry her up to the house and dial the ambulance but a strange bearded man secretly cuts telephone wires. While Robby and Muchflour are busy trying to revive the lady, the evil man uses a fishing rod to fetch one of the paintings lined along the walls of the room. The lady comes to her senses and recognises the strange man who is Ivan Popoff. The boy and his ghost pal rush forward to get him but Popoff grabs the painting and escapes with his car. The stolen picture is “The Stately Stag”. The lady’s name is Amelia Dawson, she is an artist and art collector. The background story is that she bought the painting 6 months ago. Soon after Ivan Popoff appeared and began to pester her into selling it to him. She refused because she liked the painting, so now he finally stole it. The two friends suspect there is something strange about that worthless work of art. Popoff suffers a car accident and Robby recovers the painting. He discovers there’s another one underneath and it’s a Rembrandt. Popoff confesses that he stole the painting from a famous museum last month, disguised it and hid it in a friend’s junk shop but then the old lady bought it in mistake and he had to try to get it back. Popoff goes to prison. Miss Dawson invites Robby to live with her in her house and Robby accepts with his pal’s approval. Muchflour is getting weary of the modern times and returns to sleep in a hollow oak from where he emerged in the beginning of the series.

An episode from the fourth story from COR!! dated 24th April, 1971 (No. 47).
This was the last episode of the series.


  1. Another interesting post. Judging from your description, the basic premise of Robby Hood (young lad meets character from the Middle Ages) may have been inspired by TV's similarly-themed Catweazle, which first aired in February 1970.


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  3. Thanks for this, Niblet! I am afraid I am not familiar with British TV series as I didn’t live in the UK back then (nor do I live there now). I’m sure knowledge of the context of different TV series would add a new dimension to my understanding of British comic strips from those days but alas…