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Friday, August 31, 2012


1975 COR!! Holiday Special was the first one to be published after the weekly folded. It was priced 25p and had 80 pages. It was also the last COR!! holiday special to have Gus Gorilla on the front cover. 

Here is the list of strips and features (here and further on the strips that had never appeared in COR!! weeklies will be marked in red)

Tomboy, Soldier Spoon (4 episodes),  Ivor Lott and Tony Broke (2 episodes), Stowaway Steve (3 episodes, reprint from old COR!! weeklies), Gus Gorilla (4 episodes, some reprints from old COR!! weeklies), Donovan’s Dad, Seaside “Spot the Changes” feature, Val’s Vanishing Cream, Barny Owl, Andy’s Ants, Whacky (2 episodes), Football Madd (4 episodes, one in full colour signed by Tom Paterson), Ice Screams gags, Aqua Lad,  Cor-Toon Column jokes feature (3 instalments), The Slimms (2 episodes), Fairground ‘Spot the Changes’ feature, The Gasworks Gang (new episode, the first one ever signed by Frank McDiarmid), Travelling Tease Break feature, Hire a Horror (3 episodes, two reprints from old COR!! weeklies ), Opportunity Knox, Night Mare, Countryside ‘Spot the Changes’ feature, Jack Pott, Tricky Dicky, ‘A-Maze-ing’ Coach Tour puzzle, Four Alone Beside the Seaside (illustrated by Rat Trap artist, 5 pages), Jelly Baby, Willy Worry,  Teacher’s Pet.

There were two one-off strips in the special:

Barny Owl by Terry Bave was about “the wisest owl around” that helped other animals with their problems. 

Opportunity Knox was about an optimistic guy who was always hoping for better things. Here’s a taste:

The magazine showed signs of IPC relaxing their policy of artists’ anonymity – Robert Nixon, Tom Paterson, Frank McDiarmid and Terry Bave signed some of their sets. Nixon’s signature was on the front cover illustration.

Football Madd
The Gasworks Gang
The Slimms
Ivor Lott and Tony Broke


  1. Looks great - I've never seen inside this Cor! special before! Could you scan the rest of the Oppourtunity Knox story please - I'm curious to know what happens!

  2. He won the grand draw in the end but had to spend nearly all of the 50 pounds to pay the damages he caused chasing his ticket.