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Hi and welcome to my blog about comics from other people’s childhood! It is dedicated primarily to British humour comics of the 60s and 70s. The reason they are not from my childhood is simply because I didn’t live in the UK back then (nor do I live there now). I knew next to nothing about them until fairly recently but since then I’ve developed a strong liking for the medium and amassed a large collection, including a number of complete or near complete sets. My intention is to use this blog as a channel for sharing my humble knowledge about different titles, favourite characters and creators as I slowly research my collection.

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Monday, August 6, 2012


The Sludgemouth Sloggers was a team of human freaks assembled by the town of Sludgemouth to enter the world-wide ‘What-A-Lark’ competition (the Whacky World Cup for Holiday Resorts) with a noble mission of winning a prize of 50 thousand quid in order to build a dam and save the tourism industry of their town. The team required some special skills to tackle the various stunts and weird sports used in the contest. The strip is not much of a help in illustrating modern Olympic sports but it is another nice example of a story centered around a tough athletic competition with cheering crowds and extensive media coverage. 

But the main reason why I chose to include The Sludgemouth Sloggers in my series of Olympic blogposts is this particular 6-page set. All weekly installments in JET and later the combined BUSTER AND JET were illustrated by Douglas Maxted, but the episode from the rarely-seen 1972 Birthday Book For Boys was by the ever-excellent Joe Colquhoun:

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